Erling Smedvig's Resume
Erling Smedvig is President and founder of, LLC.  Erling has more
than 25 years experience in Corporate America, as a Senior, Strategic, Enterprise
Sales and Marketing or Business Development Executive, Manager or Director.  He is a
results oriented sales leader with a track record in sales, marketing, channel
management, strategic alliances & new business development.  When he realized he
was trading time for "earned income", he created, LLC to begin
building a long term strategy to create wealth through "portfolio and residual income"
by investing in real estate.  He now teaches and mentors others, on how to be
successful doing the same thing.

To accomplish his mission it became critical to be able to provide assistance to people
who were not yet positioned financially, to buy real estate.  So Erling researched the
mortgage industry and became one of the first official Illinois Loan Officers registered
with the Division of Banks and Real Estate certification ID#:  031.0000519 and was
associated with Choice One Mortgage, headquartered in Lake Zurich, IL, with several
offices around the Chicagoland area.  

He is also an independent representative with Nouveau Riche, a real estate investment
consortium and education company.  It was through these education resources, that
Erling learned how to buy good real estate investments using "other people's money."  
All of these resources, have positioned Erling to realize his mission:  To help people
become better stewards of their finances, to restructure or eliminate debt so they may
accumulate wealth by investing wisely in real estate.  

Erling is building a real estate portfolio of properties available for rent, or on a rent to
own basis or for outright purchase, to offer others the chance to realize their own
dreams of investing in real estate. or one of it's associates, can guide
and mentor the individual investor or the seasoned portfolio owner to wisely invest in
real estate to accumulate long term wealth and create a more secure retirement., LLC
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