Smedvigs.com is made up of two business.  Our Real Estate business has a simple mission:   To
help people become better stewards of their finances, to restructure or eliminate debt, so they
may accumulate wealth by investing wisely in real estate.

Our second business is  
Ascent Workforce Solutions, a company whose mission is to empower
individuals, teams and organizations to ascend to new heights in human performance and
productivity, to reach the summit of profitability.
Real Estate Investment Portfolio
We are accumulating a portfolio of properties that are available
on a rent, rent to own or purchase basis that allow people more
options to invest in real estate.
Real Estate Portfolio

The following properties are or will be available soon.

Call now or get on the
waiting list.

Home:  214 Weaver St. Cary, IL

Home:  118 Prairie St. Cary, IL

Home:  472 Margaret Terrace, Cary, IL

Town Home:  8421 Canary Grass Lane, Fox Lake, IL

Town Home:  1114 Heartland Gate, Lake In The Hills, IL

Go to Real Estate Investment Portfolio to see the details.
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What We Do Today
At Smedvigs.com, we are building a consortium or network of professionals in many
different disciplines, to be able to be a resource to people interested in our mission:  to
restructure or eliminate debt so they may invest wisely in real estate.  Initially, we do this
through our associations with the following organizations:
Nouveau Riche is a world class real estate investment
education company that has created an exclusive community
of like minded investors to share their experiences, so as a
group, we can reduce the risks and more quickly realize the
benefits of real estate investing.
Shaping Interior Design Services available for
residential and commercial spaces.